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Under the agreement between Biocat and Biotechgate, the leading European database in biotechnology, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, the companies in the Biocat Directory have now joined a new international portal,, created specifically to bring together Catalan companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector.

Previously, companies in the BioRegion were part of the Biotechgate database, which belongs to Venture Valuation, but now have a specific portal. This new tool will set them apart and allow them to gain international visibility. In fact, the Catalan one is the only regional portal of the 32 national portals on Biotechgate.  

New with this tool, users will not only have access to information on the companies, categorized by sector, subsector, pipeline information and funding, but will also be able to find statistics and see the organizations on a map. Plus, these statistics include a detailed analysis by subsectors of biotechnology and medical technology.

This new showcase is a great opportunity for companies in the BioRegion, as Biotechgate is an essential source of information for investors interested in funding health projects. Biocat recommends companies update their profile soon and provide as much information as possible, above all in the fields regarding their pipeline and contact information.

The portal will now exist alongside the Biocat Directory, which continues to offer access to the companies and organizations working in the field of healthcare and the life sciences in Catalonia and is updated daily. As highlighted in the 2015 Biocat Report, 147 active companies were added to the Biocat Directory between 2013 and 2015, none of which had data at the close of the previous edition of the report.

Biotechgate is the most important international platform in Europe, featuring information on more than 38,000 companies and organizations associated with the healthcare and life sciences in countries in Europe and the world, including the United States, Israel and India. To join the directory or update the information on your company or organization, use the following link:

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