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After seven years in operation, 12,252 sessions and more than a million visitors, the planetarium of the CosmoCaixa Barcelona commences a new stage with an innovative 3D stereo projection system. These latest-generation installations allow the visitors to experience being completely surrounded by the images in three dimensions (3D in the entire 14-metre dome) using stereoscopic glasses. It is the only installation with these characteristics in Spain and the second in Europe.

The projection of films of scientific subjects for the general public is incorporated to the programming.

The 3D planetarium is open to the public since mid-December. The programming will consists of three large lines: the classic planetarium programs directed at the school audience, the audiovisuals of astronomic or astrophysics content and new programming that will consist of the projection of scientific films for the general public and families. In this framework, from the 17th of December you can see in three dimensions Selección natural (Natural Selection), a film that has received several awards and that allows the spectators to accompany Charles Darwin on his trip on board the Beagle. In Holy Week, coinciding with school vacations, the offer will be renewed with the production of Somos astrónomos (We Are Astronomers), through which one can get to know how these researchers work.

The programs will be presented in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French) and adapted for groups with sensorial disabilities: audio description in Catalan for persons with visual deficiencies, subtitles in Catalan for people with hearing deficiencies, complementary video in Catalan sign language (by means of a PDA which will be provided to the users upon entering the planetarium) and a magnetic loop system for persons that have hearing aids compatible with this system.


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