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Claiming and creating value. The negotiation team leader of a biotechnological project has to be skillful and feel comfortable with these two points if he wants to obtain good results. These are the words of Juan Malaret, negotiation and leadership consultant and speaker at the first session of Biocat training programme Biocàpsules 2010 which took place last Thursday at the Museu Colet of Barcelona.

According to Malaret, negotiating is based on an exchange of different interests between two parts: "what is very important for you and not so much for me, in exchange for what it is very important for me and not so much for you". To guarantee satisfactory results for the company, Malaret advises "to elaborate carefully the list of interests which do not coincide with the other part, and propose them skillfully".

The morning session focused on the conceptual analysis of the negotiation process phases. In the afternoon, participants solved a practical case based on a real situation. The group was formed by general directors, R+D directors and commercial directors, mainly, from biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and R+D management entities.

Mercedes Diz, Associated Head Business Analysis & Psoriasis New Products Global Marketing of Almirall Laboratories, explains that taking part in this Biocàpsula "has been interesting for me, taking into account it is a one-day course. Contents are well distributed and it is highly practice-oriented".

Precisely, the practical aspect is the most valued by all assistants. For Carles Lorenzo, director of Marketing of Alexion Pharma, "the practical cases have been very useful, while the theory has helped me to put my ideas in order". Glòria Pladellorens, director of Quality and Systems of Information of the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), thinks "that the session is well applied to biotechnology and that the examples are very similar to those you can find in the real life".

"Issues dealt with in the course like creating value or claiming it, I find in my day to day. These courses make you think what is basic to have a happy ending project", says Diz, "and it has also been very interesting to meet people among the assistants who work on similar things".

Next Biocàpsula: Business Development

The next session of Biocàpsules will be Business Development. It will take place next April 27th at the Museu Colet in Barcelona. It will be given by Sergi Trilla and Jaume Rodó, president and general director of Trifermed Group, respectively.

For further information: Biocat • Biocàpsules Technical secretary's office • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •


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