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The fellows in the latest edition of the d·HEALTH Barcelona master, organized by Biocat, have already started the first phase of the program: bootcamp. From 6 to 10 February, they participated in “Building the team” week, sponsored by Banc Sabadell Foundation for the second year in a row. This week features theory and practical activities to bring the multidisciplinary teams together.

This week, organized by Danish entrepreneurialism school KaosPilot, was held at the EADA Residential Campus in Collbató and in Barcelona. The sessions aim to incentivize cohesion in the groups with activities that help them get to know each other.

They also test their teamwork skills and give them the tools they need to improve group dynamics, as this is important to completing the master successfully. KaosPilot also works on leading groups through creativity.

“Getting to know each other is the first step to working as a team. However, knowing ourselves is the greatest challenge we’ve faced this week,” says fellow Enrique Hernández. Francisca Marzullo, another fellow, says, “I’m sure we’ll use the skills and knowledge we’ve learned in our projects.” Maria Fernández agrees. “This magnificent experience has taught me the true meaning of teamwork,” she says.


Moebio Alumni dinner

On Thursday 9 February, there was a networking dinner for 35 d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows and alumni to strengthen the Moebio alumni network.

“It was the perfect activity to share experiences and advice on the master and their professional future,” says Raquel Riera, Biocat head of Innovation and Talent Development and coordinator of the d·HEALTH Barcelona master. “There’s a growing sense of belonging to the program and a community of entrepreneurs is consolidating around Moebio,” she adds.

The bootcamp phase lasts five weeks and then the fellows will begin the clinical immersion phase at three leading hospitals in Barcelona: Hospital Clinic, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Institut Guttmann. There the fellows will have the challenge of identifying unmet clinical needs to develop an innovative healthcare product.

During the d·HEALTH Barcelona master, multidisciplinary teams of fellows with degrees in the life sciences, engineering, business and design experience a full innovation cycle. In five phases, the fellows move from identifying unmet clinical needs in hospitals to designing and prototyping feasible solutions, and even scouting for funding to create their own start-up.


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