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The company Gem-Med —whose scientific advisor is the prestigious Catalan cardiologist, and president of the World Heart Federation, Dr. Antoni Bayés de Luna—has just amplified its capital by 1.4 million euros in an operation that will enable its original shareholders to retain a majority holding of 55%. The financing was led by bcnHighgrowth through the venture capital fund Barcelona Emprèn, and entailed incorporation of nine new shareholders, including Catalana Occident, Inverpro (Caixa Manlleu) and the family offices DyF 2000 and Alduero.

Gem-med, headquartered in Barcelona, specializes in the design, fabrication and marketing of technological methods to facilitate digitization of electrocardiograms. The company also offers online diagnostic interpretation. Their products and services are aimed at health institutions such as hospitals, health centers and private practices that rely on outsourcing for electrocardiography tests.

Jordi Vidal, CEO of Gem-med, explained to Biocat that this round of financing was aimed at garnering funds to support the company’s R&D efforts and strengthen its business structure, namely, in expanding into new markets. Recent FDA approval of gem-med’s electrocardiograph Gem Heart One has given the company an open door to the US market; it is now eyeing other markets as well.





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