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Genoma España, in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies (Asebio), has launched a call for proposals for grants to help Spanish biotechnology companies internationalize and establish operations in the United States, as well as fostering technological collaboration with US organizations at lower cost and risk. The deadline for applications is 31 December 2011.

According to the Report Relevancia de la Biotecnología en España 2011 by Genoma España —which will be presented publicly on 20 December in Madrid—, one of the weakest indicators of Spanish biotechnology, both in absolute numbers and in growth, is that of foreign investment and internationalization of the sector through establishing affiliates abroad.

The United States has been identified as the most ideal initial destination to start up an internationalization program of this nature, given this country’s huge potential market, its well developed and structured capital markets, its experience in biotechnology-specific investment, and its rich ecosystem of stakeholders in the field of life sciences. Furthermore, various US States are developing proactive policies to favor the development of the biotechnology industry in their area, including attractive fiscal measures, those to attract direct foreign investment and infrastructure endowments.

This call for proposals, presented as the USA Landing program, unites tools currently available and applied by Genoma España, ICEX and CDTI. Companies interested must present their complete project to Genoma España, and this organization will indicate which items will be covered by Genoma (not to exceed 50% of initial establishment expenses up to €15,000) and those to be included in specific calls carried out by ICEX and CDTI (companies would have to apply for grants from ICEX and CDTI in parallel and meet the requirements and justifications established by their respective programs).

Call for proposals and application form

Genoma España (Belén Gilarranz)

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