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The specialized health sciences crowdfunding platform Capital Cell has raised €125,000 in a round of crowdfunding on its own platform to develop a more functional technology tool, strengthen their positioning as a CNMV-backed platform and invest in marketing.

The round was led by brothers Xavier and Josep Castells, financial director and CEO of Inkemia – IUCT, respectively. They contributed €30,000 and the investment received support from the European Investment Fund, which belongs to the European Investment Bank (EIB), and also included professionals from the healthcare sector and two business angels (which all together invested the remaining €95,000).

Capital Cell is considered a crowdequity platform specializing in biotechnology and the life sciences that allows any individual to support entrepreneurs in the sector with investments starting at €250 euros in exchange for a percentage of the company. Since it was founded in early 2015, the platform has successfully held three campaigns with a total value of €530,000.

These rounds have benefitted biotechnology companies iProteos –spin-off of the Barcelona Science Park that received €100,000–, Mint Labs –start-up participating in the Bayer Grants4Apps program that raised €150,000–, ZeClinics –spin-off of the PRBB that has raised €100,000– and Immune Tolerance –which has created a genetic test to help reduce the risk of hospital infections.

At the same time, Capital Cell is also working to close a €5-million round of funding in the United Kingdom through WGP Global, which would give them the push they need to become the benchmark platform for biomedical companies in Europe, according to the team. Moreover, a Chinese fund has shown interest in the company and could invest within 3 to 6 months. After that, the company hopes to go public on the alternative stock market in London in the next 18-24 months.

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