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Barcelona-based company Keren Partners, which has close ties to Israel, has closed a collaboration agreement with venture capital firm Suanfarma Biotech to put their second fund, Suan Biotech II FCR (in the promotion stage), in motion. This collaboration aims to present Suan Biotech II FCR to international investors in order to attract funds to be invested in Spanish biotechnology companies.

Keren Partners was created by Dr. Esther Moscatell and her partners in 2004 under the name Kerentech. It was the first company to specialize in seeking out and mediating with investors in the biotechnology and medical device sector in Spain. They have carried out operations with investors and companies from countries including England, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, the United States and Spain.

With this second venture capital fund Suanfarma Biotech aims to raise 30-40 million euros from public investors at the regional and national level, institutional investors, and industrial and private investors.

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