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On 5 May at four in the afternoon, the UAB Research Park will host a new session of Lessons Learned on validating and prototyping medical devices, organized by Biocat and CataloniaBio. This session, which is the second of 2016, is entitled "Medical devices: tips & tricks for managing the process of prototyping and validation" and aims to cover all the topics that must be taken into account when developing a medical device.

Moderated by Rosendo Garganta, CEO of Devicare, the session will focus on the prototyping phase of a medical device and how to adapt the product to market requirements before making significant investment in later phases, like industrialization and manufacturing.

Between coming up with the idea and taking it to market, projects must deal with functional requirements, design, technical and clinical verification, quality and risk management, regulatory issues, patent strategy and fundraising, among others.

Participants in the session will shed light on all of these key elements in the medical device sector. The panel discussion will feature Markus Wilhelms, CEO and co-founder of usMIMA, which has developed a non-pharmacological, noninvasive solution to chronic constipation (MOWOOT) and got its start in the d·HEALTH Barcelona master, an initiative of Biocat. Wilhelms will give an early-stage point of view and speak about the challenges of developing your first product, as usMIMA has just launched its first device, a belt that imitates therapeutic massage to treat chronic constipation.

The Lessons Learned session will also feature Eduard García, director of RA&QA at NEOS Surgery, and Jaume Amat, CEO of Specipig, a company that is creating a new genetic strain of mini pigs for biomedical research and has recently raised €545,000 from investors in the pharmaceutical arena.

Also on the panel of speakers, Toni Miró, founding partner and CEO of Linking Innovations and head of R&D at Phi Med EUROPE –who will speak about the fact of transforming an idea into a product and the need for guidance along the way– and María Bascuñana, Business Development Manager at Iberia Medical Devices (BSI Group).

New this time, the session on 5 May will take place at the UAB Research Park instead of the Barcelona Science Park, like it normally does, at the request of this institution that dynamizes and promotes knowledge transfer from research groups to companies.


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