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Minoryx Therapeutics has announced the start of Phase 1 of clinical trials on patients for the compound MIN-102. The Mataró based company specializes in the discovery and development of new drugs for rare diseases.

MIN-102, a PPAR-gamma agonist that stands out compared to other agonists, is used for diseases related to the central nervous system, and has shown excellent in vivo results.

During Phase 1 of the clinical trial researchers will evaluate MIN-102 for pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerability and brain penetration after increased doses repeated only in healthy volunteers. The results are expected later this year.


Neurodegenerative disease

MIN-102 aims to treat adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD), a rare chronic neurodegenerative disease, that is debilitating and fatal. There are currently no pharmacological treatments available for this disease, and MIN-102 is the only promising product being developed.

“The dosing for the first individuals in Phase 1 of the clinical trial is a significant step for Minoryx, and it brings us closer to potentially offering a significant treatment option for X-ALD", explained Marc Martinell, CEO of Minory. "I am looking forward to the results of the clinical trial with great interest, and we plan to initiate clinical trials with patients suffering from X-ALD by early 2017," said Martinell.


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