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Nature (the most renown international journal of science) and Scientific American (one of the most authoritative science and technology publishers in the world) are preparing a special custom report on the BioRegion of Catalonia. The custom report, entitled, Catalonia: Europe’s Fast Growing BioRegion, will showcase the growing life sciences and pharma industries as well as the bold initiatives being undertaken in the region.

Catalonia: Europe’s Fast Growing BioRegion will shine a light on the region’s growing reputation as one of Europe’s preferred areas for investment projects and help generate awareness among Scientific American and Nature’s targeted audience of thought-leaders, researchers and clinicians.

The report will be published in both Nature Research and Scientific American’s worldwide editions Q4 2019, in both print and digital editions. Additionally, bonus copies of the issues featuring the report will be distributed at the 2020 BIO International Convention in San Diego, California.


Participation options for companies

Biocat and CataloniaBio & HealthTech are collaborating with the Nature Research and Scientific American custom media team to promote the BioRegion, with the journals’ solely responsible for driving the editorial framework. The participation options and contact details for companies and organizations interested in participating in the report are available in this document and range between 5,000 ans 22,000 euros. Space reservation deadline is June 1, 2019.


The precedent

Back in November 2016, Nature included a special supplement on Catalonia and its companies and research centers. Entitled “Spotlight on Catalonia”, it was the largest the journal had ever devoted to a bioregion. The special included editorial contents produced by the journal,  analyzing the factors that have allowed the BioRegion of Catalonia to weather the financial crisis. The rest of the supplement included advertorials and ads featuring stakeholders in the BioRegion, including hospitals like Hospital Clínic Barcelona and Centre Mèdic Teknon; companies like Solti and Almirall; universities such as the UOC, University of Barcelona, University of Lleida and Rovira i Virgili University; organizations like CERCA Institution, EIT Health, “la Caixa” Foundation, Fundació Cemcat and Barcelona Respiratory Network; and research bodies like the IRTA, ALBA Synchrotron, BIST, VHIO, IBEC and CRAG, among many others.

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