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Matachana, one of the oldest medical technology companies in the BioRegion of Catalonia, has just opened a new production center in Castelldefels. The new plant has 6,200 square meters of floor space and will manufacture large-scale sterilizers for hospitals and research centers. This new center will replace the company’s old facilities in Barcelona’s Zona Franca.

The Matachana group currently works in the fields of sterilization, cleaning and surgical blocks, as well as a new line of equipment for large-scale food preparation facilities. The group has two additional plants, one in Cardedeu (Barcelona, Spain) and the other in Tudela (Navarra, Spain). The company is also present in international markets, with affiliates in France, Germany, Argentina, Malaysia and Algeria.

“With our new manufacturing plant we are making a decided commitment to continued innovation, as well as an important contribution to Barcelona-based industry. This shows our trust in the growing development of medical technology and biotechnology in our immediate surroundings,” CEO Juan Antonio Matachana explained to Biocat.

This new facility will also house the group’s R&D and engineering departments as well as a training center and an exhibition hall.

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