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German multinational company Seeger Engineering AG, specializing in the production of power using biomass, plans to establish three new biomass co-generation plants in Catalonia, with a total investment of €118.3 millions. The company’s plans, which will create more than 500 new jobs —both directly and indirectly— are to establish plants in Flix (Tarragona), La Garriga (Barcelona) and Albons (Girona) as well as a subsidiary in Sabadell (Barcelona).

Seeger Engineering AG is supported by Invest in Catalonia, the area of the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Enterprise and Employment devoted to promoting and attracting investment.

The new plants offer advantages based on reusing wood waste from various sources to generate renewable energy. In total, the three plants will produce 150,000 tons of biofuel. Seeger Engineering AGha has worked for more than three decades in the development of global systems to generate energy from biomass. The German company has been particularly active in building co-generation biomass plants, thermal plants and factories to manufacture quality pellets, especially for domestic use. In recent years, the company has participated in developing bioenergy in Germany through more than 70 projects and has recently started its internationalization process in the United States, various countries in the European Union and Latin America.

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