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UAB Research Park (PRUAB) personnel are already working at the Eureka Building, a new space that will house the PRUAB headquarters, a business incubator for spin-offs and companies that carry out research in collaboration with the university.

Located near the entrance to the university campus, this is one of the largest science/technology complexes in southern Europe, with a total surface area of 5,000 square meters distributed on four floors. Currently 2,500 square meters of this space are in use. The Park headquarters, microincubator and incubation spaces are located on the ground floor; the first floor houses more incubation spaces; and the other floors, office space for companies. 

This project was created under the framework of a collaboration agreement signed between the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium (CZFB) to create a technology and knowledge transfer space.

Technology and knowledge transfer

The main objective of this investment is to attract companies that will interact and collaborate with the research groups, centers and institutes located in the Park (there are currently 30 research centers and institutes and 154 research groups recognized by the Government of Catalonia). These companies will act as a driving force to encourage the production industry in the area to include research and innovation in their production processes.

To do this, the space is designed to bring together different research and innovation stakeholders: from consolidated companies interested in driving their technological innovation, incorporating their R&D&i departments in the Park, to research-based SMEs that wish to have more contact with the scientific community.

Spin-offs, which are expected to have a strong presence in the Eureka Building, will have microincubation and incubation areas designed to house entrepreneuring projects in the early stages. The spaces for rent range from 50 to 1,200 square meters. Of the 39 spin-offs  currently located in the PRUAB –seven of which are newly created- 21 work in the field of biotechnology and biomedicine.


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