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Research institutions

The BioRegion has 91 research institutions, including 40 research centers, 20 university hospitals, 12 universities, 14 science and technology parks, 3 large research facilities (Barcelona Supercomputing Center,  National Center for Genomic Analysis and Alba Synchrotron) and 2 technology centers.

By scientific production and competitive EU funds secured, Catalonia is ranked near the top in Europe, similar to countries like Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.


Research Centers of Catalonia (CERCA)

CERCA has 41 centers, 33 of which work in areas related to the life sciences and health. Its mission is to foster development, synergies and the social impact of research.

Sector: Research Center
Scientific excellence

Leaders in scientific publications and clinical trials

Catalonia ranks 3rd in Europe (per million inhabitants) in the number of Highly Cited Papers and in the percentage of HCPs cited in patents (35%). Additionally, Catalonia is 5th in Europe and 8th globally for active clinical trials.

  • 91.521 publications in life and health sciences (2013-2022)
  • 3% Highly Cited Papers (HCP) in Life and Health Sciences (2013-2022)
  • 5.308 active clinical trials (to 2023)
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Catalonia, in the Top 3 in publications of advanced therapies

In the CERTERA call by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, 63% of the total budget awarded (€27.3 million) went to Catalan entities. On the international stage, after analyzing the number of publications (per million inhabitants) and patents filed in advanced therapies over the past 10 years in the main European countries, Catalonia ranks 3rd, only behind Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Publications and competitive funds

Catalonia, among the top 3 in Europe

By scientific publications and funds raised per million inhabitants (2013-2022), Catalonia is among the leading countries in Europe.

Spinoffs of research bodies

Transfer from research centers

The graph shows the transfer capacity of research centers in the BioRegion based on an analysis of their budget per researcher and number of companies (spinoffs) created, including the volume of investment these spinoffs have secured.

Publicacions científiques del sector
The areas of research and strategic priorities of each center are factors that contribute to the position of each organization on the graph.

Research institutions


Research Centers of Catalonia (CERCA)

CERCA has 41 centers, 33 of which work in areas related to the life sciences and health. Its mission is to foster development, synergies and the social impact of research.

Sector: Research Center

Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)

BIST is a partnership of seven research centers, each a leader in its field, to promote collaboration on multidisciplinary frontier research (with one focal point being health), researcher training and social impact of science.

Sector: Research Center

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS)

The BSC manages the Mare Nostrum supercomputer, among the top 500 in the world, and is the benchmark HPC (high performance computing) center in Spain. It is a member of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe).

Sector: Infrastructure/equipment
ALBA Synchrotron

ALBA Synchrotron

Third generation facility comprised of a complex of particle accelerators that produce synchrotron light. It has two beamlines currently operating (biosciences and materials) and four under construction.

Sector: Infrastructure/equipment

National Center for Genomic Analysis (CNAG)

Founded jointly by the Spanish and Catalan governments, CNAG carries out large scale genome analysis projects in collaboration with Catalan, Spanish and international hospitals and research centers.

Sector: Infrastructure/equipment

Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

Promoted by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and UPF, the PRBB is connected to Hospital del Mar and is home to 7 large biomedical research centers that employ over 1,600 people.

Sector: Scientific and Technological Park

Barcelona Science Park (PCB)

Created in 1997 by the UB, the Park has 30,000 m2 of labs and offices where 96 companies, 123 organizations, 6 research centers and 3,000 professionals work, making it one of the main health R&D hubs.

Sector: Scientific and Technological Park


Benchmark technology center in Catalonia offering innovation solutions and services for various sectors. Annual turnover of €38 million, 450 professionals and nearly 160 R&D projects managed.

Sector: Technological center
logo csic

Consell Superior d'Investigacions Científiques (CSIC)

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the main agent of the Spanish science, technology and innovation system, responsible for generating scientific knowledge, transferring results to the business sector, advising administrations and institutions, training researchers, promoting scientific culture, managing scientific infrastructures and representing Spain in international organisations.

Sector: Organisme/clúster
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