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A graduate in Journalism from Pompeu Fabra University (2016), she has specialized in the field of corporate communication, focusing on the definition, management and supervision of action plans related to promotion and corporate image. Her areas of expertise include the organization of events and the management of collaboration agreements, functions that she currently exercises in Biocat to enhance the visibility of the BioRegion of Catalonia at local, national and international level.

The eight years of professional experience are supported by a solid training in the field of corporate communication, especially in communication and digital marketing: Master in Communication Management (UPF, 2018), Master in Corporate Communication and Digital Media (Tilburg University, 2021) and Specialization Course in Digital Marketing (ESIC, 2022).

In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and keeping herself updated in this dynamic field of communication, always with the premise of "How could I add more value?"

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