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Pandemics: Overcoming COVID-19 and preparing for the future

Conference CaixaResearch

What can we learn from the current pandemic and how can we prevent other emerging infections? Biocat and the "la Caixa" Foundation has sought to answer these and other questions at this scientific conference, which discussed and presented possible scenarios on available resources, current vaccine technologies and logistics to combat the pandemic. Covid-19 and other emerging infections. All this, with the desire to improve the preparation and decision-making based on evidence.

The scientific program has been designed on four main topics: development of diagnoses and therapies, development of vaccines, zoonoses and one health , and transformation of public health. And it featured high-level speakers such as María Neira, director of Public Health and Environmental and Social Determinants of Health at WHO.


Basic information

Took place last November 16-17, 2021

Online. Language: English