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Supporting business growth

Biocat accompanies you at every step of your project

Biocat works to detect the resources needed at each stage of project development at biotech and healthtech firms (facilities, internal development of core technologies, pilot plants, GMP production plants, etc.) and acts with ecosystem managers to make them available and open to entrepreneurs so they can identify their needs and access these resources.

Through specialized mentoring programs like CRAASH Barcelona, with international experts, people with a healthtech entrepreneurial project can validate their business model, improve interaction with investors and identify key milestones for reaching the market.

Additionally, Biocat strives to boost consolidated companies’ ability to act as a driving force for the Catalan ecosystem, promoting partnerships within the business fabric, and between it and technology centers, hospitals and regulatory bodies, to bring about projects of a greater size and impact.

Accompanying entrepreneurial projects

We watch companies grow and learn from them

Neuroelectrics, Minoryx, Mowoot, Ona Therapeutics, Methinks and Doctomatic are projects we’ve seen get their start (between 2011 and 2021) and some of those that have closed rounds of +€50 million. Their experience can help guide new entrepreneurs.

Una selecció de CEOs d’startups que estan contribuint a l'escalada de l’ecosistema participen en la sessió “Hidden tips for success in healthcare” al Tech Spirit 2023A selection of startup CEOs that are helping scale up the ecosystem took part in the session titled “Hidden tips for success in healthcare” that Biocat organized at Tech Spirit 2022.
From idea to market

Programs to accelerate your project

A better business plan, contact with investors and international projection are some of the areas these programs can help you with.

Acceleration programs

CRAASH Barcelona

A three-month program to validate and bring to market innovations in medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health.
Open registration

For Catalan research bodies and startups that have projects with potential.



We accompany your company on its digital transformation

For companies that need support in their digital maturity process and improving capacities.

Attracting investment and funding

Mobilizing funds to consolidate business projects

One of Biocat's primary goals is to make it easier for companies and entrepreneurial projects to obtain the funding they require at each stage of their development. That is why we work to attract foreign investors, organize programs to facilitate contact between venture capital and projects seeking funding (Invest BioRegion Portal), bring international corporations and Catalan startups together to work on co-development, licensing, and investment projects, and provide information and advice on accessing European competitive funds. 

More on funding and investment
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