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‘One out of every three cases of Alzheimer could be predicted’

Carla Zaldúa

Carla Zaldúa

co-founder and CEO of acceXible

Carla is the co-founder and CEO of acceXible, a startup focused on detecting illnesses through speech analysis. The entrepreneur has launched several digital transformation projects in the healthcare and education sectors. She was trained in Information Systems and Communication at the London School of Economics and in Political Sociology at the University of Deusto.

On the occasion of World Alzheimer Day (which is held every September 21), acceXible, lthe platform for detecting and tracking illnesses through speech analysis, has launched the campaign "Check your mental health!" The startup is offering people the chance to take a free test to learn about their brain health via their voice. After taking quick, simple tests on the website, participants receive an email with detailed results with a reliability of 91%. 

‘One out of every three cases of Alzheimer could be predicted. Plus, two-thirds of people who are suffering from cognitive deterioration are not diagnosed’, says Carla Zaldúa, co-founder and CEO. She's not the only one saying that. It has been proven in the studies conducted by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. For this reason, the entrepreneur says that "early detection is essential to receive the right treatment".

AcceXible is currently expanding. Early this year, the startup closed an €800,000 round of investment, which will be used to take the leap to Latin America and the United States. The entrepreneur revealed that this September they have taken the first step into internationalizing the company by opening offices in the United Kingdom. Plus, the solution is in the pilot phase to be used in Colombia and at the University of Texas.

Startup Generation - Carla Zaldúa Aguirre, Accexible (CAT)
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