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"Surround yourself with people who know more than you"

Max Hardy-Werbin

Founder and CEO of Trialing

He graduated from the University of Málaga with a medical degree and has a PhD in biomedicine from the University of Barcelona. For more than 5 years, he worked as an oncologist and researcher at the Hospital del Mar until deciding to leave in 2021.

Trialing is a startup created in 2021 in order to provide all patients with equal access to the most recent developments in medical care.

The company has developed a platform for health professionals to help them easily find the most suitable clinical trial for their patients and with the possibility of getting in touch with the researcher directly and cutting out middlemen. 

Trialing was one of the 10 catalan startups that travelled to Israel as part of the BIOMED ISRAEL business mission which was organized by ACCIÓ and BIOCAT with the collaboration of Inveniam.

In this interview, Max Hardy, CEO of Trialing explains how crucial it was to assemble a good founding team, how he turned an idea into a business, and what the startup’s long-term objectives are.



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