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"We have to understand that healthcare is now about data"

Pol Ricart

Founder and CEO of Medbrain

He has a PhD in medicine from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and worked as a neurosurgeon at the NHS Trust (London) until 2022, when he decided to set up Medbrain.

Over four billion patients in resource-scarce countries don’t have access to a basic diagnostic system. Medbrain, the startup created by Pol Ricart in 2022, offers reliable clinical diagnoses (precision > 83%) for those without access to diagnostic tests.

The company offers healthcare personnel several clinical pathways, depending on the resources available, to provide a precise diagnosis and personalized treatment in under five minutes. 

At the latest 4YFN edition, Medbrain was one of the 20 companies in the space coordinated by ACCIÓ, Biocat and AQuAS.

In this interview, Pol Ricart explains why he decided to leave his job at the hospital to become an entrepreneur, how he put together a team with medical and technological expertise, and the next steps to bring the technology to the clinical arena.

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