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Selected projects 2023


A project from the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute that has developed an in-ovo diagnostic solution that offers the earliest and most profitable assessment of a drug’s potential: between 50% and 66% faster and 100% more affordable than other technologies from the competition.


A sperm activation lab kit that boosts the number and quality of embryos obtained in hospitals and fertility clinics, where doctors work to offer effective in vitro fertilization treatments for infertile patients.

Intelligent IDAM

The Giromed Institute's project offers a comprehensive solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), covering the full value chain from prescription to treatment and follow-up. 


A diagnostic support system for healthcare professionals in settings with limited resources. 

Time is Brain

A spinoff of Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital medical device called BraiN20®, which monitors brain function to speed up access to and improve the results of endovascular treatment (EVT).

Ysotope Theranostics

A spinoff of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) that has developed a technology that non-invasively analyses 100% of tumor tissue in patients with advanced cancer.

Selected projects

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Aether Tech

The project offers an AI-driven ecosystem for oxygen individualization and prevention of exacerbations. 


Project from ISGlobal to develop a cheap, quick and user-friendly PoC test for risk stratification of febrile patients.


A non-invasive solution to prevent diaphragmatic atrophy in ICU patients connected to mechanical ventilators.

Manina Medtech

Point-of-care device that non-invasively detects endometrial receptivity for embryo transfer.


A project from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) that offers a capsule-based pHmetry test without the need of a probe.


Project from IQS to develop a microneedles platform that locally delivers miRNA to boost muscle regeneration.

Able Human Motion

Project from the Biomechanical Engineering Lab at UPC with Institut Guttmann to develop a light, low-cost robotic exoskeleton.


Project to develop a software solution allowing access to health data of ICU patients with neurological pathologies.

Anais Medical

A complete toolkit for Vascular Access (VA) care, required for hemodialysis, with highly realistic simulators.


A project from IDIBELL and ICO focused on developing a novel strategy to treat and avoid anti-angiogenic resistance.


Proprietary, first-in-class solution that enables simultaneous genome and epigenome analysis for precision medicine.

Biel Smartgaze

Project to develop electronic glasses that use computer vision and virtual reality to improve the sight of those with low vision.


Ludic online platform from SJD Hospital for  language rehabilitation from home, using AI to adapt the therapy to each patient.


Flomics Biotech’s blood-based diagnostic tool that combines circulating RNA profiling with machine learning to diagnose complex diseases.

Tensormedical’s program provides accurate, automated machine intelligence tools that reduce errors in visual reading of MRI.


Methinks’ project makes diagnosis and treatment of stroke faster and more precise using AI analysis of neuroimaging.

Direct Subjective Refraction

Project from VioBio Lab at IO-CSIC to make optical evaluation five times quicker and twice as accurate.

Fine Birth

Project from startup Innitius to develop a device which can diagnoses in real time the false threatened preterm labor (PTL).

Funny Friends

Project from Vecmedical and SJD Hospital for a respiratory rehabilitation system to allow monitorize children while playing.


This VHIR’s project seeks to avoid respiratory infections in intubated patients through a new and disruptive medical device.


Wearable device to improve stress resilience by analyzing users’ breathing patterns with machine learning.


Project from UPF of a new biosensor device for rapid in situ and inexpensive detection of pathogens and contaminants.

Levitate Medical

Irish health company’s project to develop a new surgical option for Pelvic Organ Prolapse treatment.

Luminate Medical

Novel solution, emerged from NUI Galway, to alleviate the effects of chemotherapy using a portable electrical device.


Project that will allow determining liver damage through a urine sample in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.

AI platform to retrieve knowledge from clinical guidelines and journal articles to answer clinicians’ questions.

My gut solution

Video-based dietetic program that helps people manage their Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


A wearable medical device, developed at UPC, for the motor rehabilitation of epicondylitis (tennis elbow) based on HD-EMG.


UPF technology capable of preventing the risk of infections caused by biopsy needles through silver ion coatings.


Cloud-based, digital platform to ease the access of the general public to health services.


Project from Charite University Hospital (Berlin) to develop efficient, high-quality surgical knots without specialist training.

Pancreatic elastase non-invasive test

Project from ICIQ and Parc Taulí Hospital to improve quality of life for patients with pancreatic insufficiency.

Point Pressure

Project to develop a wearable device to improve mobility of patients with spasticity.


b2Quant software service to automatize analysis of medical images by quantifying relevant biomarkers.


A project to develop a cognitive training program for people with mild cognitive impairment.


Project from UCB Pharma to develop a multimodal wearable, clinically accurate seizure detection working 24/7.

Smart Flora

Project aimed to alleviate gut symptoms through personalized, science-based food and supplement plans.


Project that combines IoT and AI to create a solution that allows users to make dental health diagnostics at home.

TPM-EIT Health

An internal EIT Health project to develop a services platform within EIT Health ecosystem.


Technology that allows to assess the risks associated with the AI use in healthcare field.

Virtual Hearts

Supercomputer-based in-silico trials platform that enables to safely test high-risk implantable cardiac devices.

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