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Are you involved in biomedical research and interested in starting your own company? Would you like to learn about the career options in healthcare beyond academia? Would you like to hear about the experiences of others who have already chosen this path? 

Biocat organizes the “Claus per Bioemprendre” introductory course in bioentrepreneurship to share the personal experiences of top bioentrepreneurs in Catalonia with students and researchers. 

The course has three three-hour sessions, covering the role of entrepreneurship in biotechnology; the first steps in bioentrepreneurship, from concept to first rounds of funding; and the phases and partners that make up the life cycle of a biotechnology company. ¨Claus per Bioemprendre¨ 9th edition will take place in three sessions held on April 30, and May 7 and 14 May . The deadline for registration is April 23


First Session: Bioentrepreneurship is essential for the development of biotechnology

Participants will learn how entrepreneurship has shaped the development of biotechnology; they will learn how to detect good scientific ideas and when and why they are worth turning them into business; they will learn about the main business models of biotech startups and how they have evolved in recent years.


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