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The search for funding is one of the key factors in any project or startup, especially in the health sector where the initial investment needed and the risk are both high. Catalonia, particularly Barcelona and its metropolitan area, has the talent needed to generate innovations that contribute health benefits for society both locally and globally.

The Invest BioRegion Portal helps the two sides connect in order to reach licensing, co-development and private funding deals.This tool aims to fuel business development activities in the ecosystem, raise awareness of the most significant investable projects and startups in the portfolio, drive technology transfer and boost visibility of the capacities of Catalan universities, research centers, technology centers and hospitals. Biocat hopes the platform will become a benchmark tool for the sector to forge long-term relationships with national and international investors and companies and partnerships within our ecosystem. So, the platform is open to projects, startups and partners that have been validated by Biocat.

Biocat began its investment attraction activities for companies and projects in the BioRegion in 2018 and has now decided to frame them within this new portal. There are already over 100 companies and projects participating that are well established and documented, and actively looking for investment or licensing opportunities. The organizers hope it will reach 250 over the coming years, being highly attractive to both national and international investors and companies in the sector.

Through the Invest BioRegion Portal, Biocat, as part of its business development activities, acts as a catalyst, aggregator and facilitator thanks to extensive knowledge of each project and startup, regarding the sector, therapeutic indications and state of development; as well as the specific needs of national and international investors and pharmaceutical and MedTech companies.

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