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  1. Let’s start with the presentation of the Advanced Therapies Network of Catalonia, an initiative with 45 member companies and organizations that will promote research and development of these drugs for an economic and social impact in Catalonia.
  2. Continuing with advanced therapies, the Research Institute of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau laid the cornerstone of the new advanced therapies unit at the hospital, one of the few in the world authorized to produce immunotherapy drugs.
  3. Turning to new projects, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona has announced it will be creating the first lab in Europe focusing on living brain tissue from pediatric patients and a partnership with the Amancio Ortega Foundation to set up a groundbreaking center for research into minority diseases. Additionally, HM Hospitales announced their intention to invest €50 million to open a new healthcare center in Catalonia.
  4. An example of excellence and innovation from hospitals in the BioRegion comes from Hospital del Mar with the first laser surgery for brain tumors in Spain. 
  5. And in news from sector startups, three Catalan companies stood out this month for achievements that reinforce their position of global leadership and innovation. First we have Mediktor, which acquired the competition Sensely to expand their presence in the United States and consolidate their place as leaders in analyzing symptoms with artificial intelligence. Then Catalan startup Sycai, which was recognized as the most disruptive startup at the prestigious South Summit conference, and biotechnology firm Oryzon  have announced significant new advances in their leukemia treatments, with a positive response in the financial markets pushing up their stock prices. And Usmima (Mowoot) closed a round of funding on Capital Cell for nearly €440,000.
  6. Regarding investment funds established in the BioRegion of Catalonia, Inveready has created a new direct investment advisory service for family offices, institutional investors and owners of industrial groups. And Asabys leads €17 million round in Belgian biotech Augustine Therapeutics
  7. In the BioRegion of Catalonia pipeline, BCN Peptides launched the RETISOM clinical trial for patients with moderate to severe diabetic retinopathy at eight ophthalmology centers. 
  8. Regarding large corporations, Grifols sold 20% of its stake in Shanghai Raas to the Haier group for €1.6 billion and Almirall has been granted approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to extend the use of its drug to treat actinic keratosis.
  9. And in new members of the ecosystem, Swiss multinational corporation Galderma has reinforced their position in Barcelona with 1,500 square meters of new offices for 150 employees.
  10. We’d like to congratulate the winners of the 2023 Catalonian National Research Awards for their outstanding contributions to research and innovation: Eduard Batlle - Catalonian National Research Award, Mar Reguant - Catalonian National Research Award for Young Talent, Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation - Catalonian National Research Award for Scientific Sponsorship, Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation - Catalonian National Research Award for the Public-Private Partnership in Research and Innovation, CosmoCaixa Museum of Science - Catalonian National Research Award for Scientific Communication, and IRB Barcelona and ICREA for Nuage Therapeutics - Catalonian National Research Award for Creating a Science-based Enterprise.
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