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“Everything takes longer than expected, so be realistic about the timelines”

Silvia Frutos

Cofounder and CTO of SpliceBio

She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (UB) and has extensive experience in chemical biology, protein chemistry and peptide synthesis. She has worked as a researcher at the Rockefeller University (New York) and at the University of Barcelona Small Biosystems Lab. In 2020, she founded SpliceBio with Miquel Vila-Perelló.

SpliceBio is a biotechnology company founded in Barcelona in 2020 by Miquel Vila-Perelló and Sílvia Frutos. The company, based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), is using protein splicing to develop the next generation of gene therapies with Protein Splicing, a platform based on technology developed in the Muir laboratory at Princeton University that reconstructs the desired therapeutic protein in vivo.

In February 2022, SpliceBio secured €50 million in funding, in the third largest round of 2022 and the second largest of any biotech firm in the history of the BioRegion. Plus, the company was named Series A Finance Raise of the Year in the 2022 European Lifestars Awards.

In this interview, Silvia Frutos shares why she decided to focus the company on gene therapy, how she has put together a diverse professional team and how they have grown the company over the past year. 


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