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“Fail fast, fail cheap doesn’t apply to healthcare startups”

Sergi Valverde

Co-founder and CEO of Tensormedical

PhD in Medical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence and MBA from the University of Girona. The entrepreneur has co-authored over 35 international papers and written six open-code tools. He has also been recognized internationally for his technological advances in detecting MS lesions and quantifying brain atrophy using Artificial Intelligence.

The software developed by spinoff Tensormedical,, is a precise, automated quantification tool to help neuroradiologists assess brain lesions. This resource makes specialists four times more productive and boosts sensitivity 46%, which will potentially reduce waste in treatment and loss of productivity in patients. 

In this interview, company CEO Sergi Valverde told us that the startup is validating its software at several hospitals in Spain and abroad and has a round of investment open to raise €800,000 to develop the final product and get clinical and regulatory certification. Tensormedical expects to have on the market in the second quarter of 2022. 

The company, which was created out of the University of Girona and the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) in 2020, took part in the latest edition of CRAASH Barcelona. This Biocat acceleration program helps researchers and entrepreneurs launch innovations in the healthtech arena to market, in collaboration with the CIMIT accelerator (Boston). Applications are being accepted for the fifth edition through June 26. Sign up now!




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