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4YFN 2023

4YFN is an event for startups within the largest exhibition meeting of the mobile industry at an international level, the Mobile World Congress (MWC). It supports investors and companies to establish connections and undertake new business projects together.

This year, the exhibition will again have a differentiated health area, where a selection of outstanding startups from the BioRegion of Catalonia will be located. This exhibition space has been promoted jointly by ACCIÓ, Biocat, and the Health Quality and Assessment Agency of Catalonia (AQuAS).


The 4YFN, as part of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, will return in 2023 on its usual dates (February 27 to March 2) to place the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Barcelona and Catalonia in the world. During the 4 days of the congress, the most cutting-edge startups in strategic areas such as connectivity, digital health, fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. were presented. They were also hold conferences, debates, panels with opinion leaders and startups, and networking activities. Therefore, it is an essential meeting to connect with investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

20 companies were present at the space coordinated by ACCIÓ, Biocat and AQuAS

ACCIÓ, Biocat, and the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS) have coordinated a differentiated health space inside the Health area where 20 companies from the BioRegion presented their solutions and did networking. 

Aimentia HealthTech (8.1D20.1A)          

MedBrain (8.1D20.5B) 

Anais Medical (8.1D20.10B) 

Methinks (8.1D20.10A) 

Aortyx (8.1D20.3B) 

Nen Evidence Based Solutions (8.1D20.6A) 

Biointaxis (8.1D20.9B) 

Newborn Solutions (8.1D20.6B) 

Breaz Medical (8.1D20.2B) 

Nixi for Children (8.1D20.7A) 

Gate2Brain (8.1D20.8B) 

Oniria Therapeutics (8.1D20.5A) 

Genomcore (8.1D20.4A) 

Time is Brain (8.1D20.8A) 

Health Circuit (8.1D20.1B) 

Trialing Health (8.1D20.7B) 

Imaz Technology Innovation (8.1D20.2A) (8.1D20.4B) 

Integra Therapeutics (8.1D20.3A) 

Wivi Vision (8.1D20.9A) 

Check the full list of startups participating in 4YFN

The BioRegion of Catalonia at 4YFN 2023

Aimentia HealthTech Loop Diagnostics 
Anais Medical Integra Therapeutics
Aortyx MedBrain
AQuAS Methinks
Barcelona Health Hub  Nen Evidenced Based Solutions
Benesit Newborn Solutions
Biel Glasses Nixi for children
Biocat Oniria Therapeutics
Biointaxis Oxeen
Breaz Medical Perdigó
Clarity Stethoscope RokaFuradada
Coresys Health Sens Solutions
Doctomatic Sense4Care
Eholo Psicologia Senso-eAXON
Ephion Health SmartBrain
Exheus Sycai Medical 
Gate2Brain Sweanty
Genomcore Time is Brain
Health Circuit Trialing Health
Idonia Wivi Vison
Imaz Technology Innovation Vri
Improfit AI Zoundream


Don't miss the activities of the health sector at 4YFN

During the days of the congress, several companies from the BioRegion participated in numerous activities. Here are some of them:

Tuesday, February 28

  • All day: Digital Health & Wellness Summit - Day dedicated to digital health with talks, debates and pitches from the most promising startups.
  • 13:30h. Pitch in front of investors at the ACCIÓ stand (Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1B25). Several startups from the BioRegion will participate: IMAZ Technology, Genomcore, Oniria Therapeutics, Nen, Nixi for Children, Time is Brain, WIVI Vision, Health Circuit, Breaz Medical, Aortyx,, MedBrain, Newborn Solutions, Trialing Health and Anais Medical.
  • 16:15h. Open pitch session in the Tech Barcelona space where some startups from the BioRegion will also participate such as Genomcore, Gate2Brain, Time is Brain, Breaz Medical,, Odapt, Benesit and Loop Diagnostics.
  • 16:40h. Digital Health Pitch Battle in the Sky Room - Discovery Area, where the top five digital health startups will present their solutions in front of expert health investors. Two startups from the BioRegion of Catalonia will participate in this activity: Doctomatic and Nixi for children.

Wednesday, March 1st

  • 11.45h. Barcelona Local Heroes: Minoryx Therapeutics, Exoticca and Integra Therapeutics. Banco Sabadell Stage (4YFN). With Marc Martinell, founder and CEO Minoryx Therapeutics; Pere Vallès, CEO Exoticca; Avencia Sanchez-Mejias co-founder and CEO, Integra Therapeutics and Lluís Juncà, General Director of Innovation, Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Why attend 4YFN23?

1. Access to customers and business partners: 4YFN attracts leading technology multinationals; from verticals such as telecommunications, automotive, banking, and healthcare. These companies are looking for startups to achieve high-impact collaborations
2. Access to new opportunities: 4YFN brings a wide international network to investors together with major leading companies to evaluate future business opportunities
3Networking events within the framework of 4YFN and the MWC
4. Cutting-edge program: focused on the current and future challenges of transformation and innovation with a special focus on emerging technologies and their transformative impact on the main industrial sectors







4YFN 2022 in numbers:

  • 61.000 attendees
  • 624 exhibitors and startups
  • 500 startups
  • 600 inversors
  • 291 speakers
  • 137 sessions
  • 163 startup pitches