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“You have to be open to criticism, but without losing sight of your goal”

Francesca Domenech Wuttke

CEO and Founder of Nen

PhD in Pharmacology from the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (New York) and a degree in Biology and Society from Cornell University (New York). She has extensive experience in drug development and healthcare, both in the United States and Europe. She has worked at several organizations, accelerating and incubating startups, heading up European investments and leading mergers and acquisitions of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

In February 2022, Francesca Domenech founded Nen, a platform to help kids with cancer, which affects 500,000 children all over the world. Focused on fun, the solution tackles pain management and assesses, treats and provides ongoing information based on the path the kids take on the platform.

The solution also hopes to provide comprehensive services for the families, where they can learn about pain management, emotional support and management tools, and get information on how the children are progressing. Plus, it features a personalized clinical trial search engine.

In this video interview, the entrepreneur explains her intentions to close a €10-million round of investment to allow them to develop a prototype and carry out clinical validation of the platform’s pain and mental health modules. 





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