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Transparency Policy

The purpose of the Transparency section of Biocat, Fundació BioRegió de Catalunya, is to give users access to public information and good governance, as per the requirements of Law 19/2014 of 29 December. In this section, you will find information on how the organization is structured, data and results of Biocat’s basic activities, people, financial and public procurement information.


1. Active Disclosure

Mission and activitites

To learn more about Biocat’s mission and activities, see the Vision, mission and values and What we do sections of this website. 

Aplicable law




Organizational structure

To find out who is a member of the Biocat team and the Board of Trustees, see the Organizational Structure page on this website.


2. Financial, budgetary and asset management

Yearly activities plan

Biocat’s activities are carried out by the whole team and the Catalan healthcare ecosystem and all its stakeholders are the beneficiaries. 
The Biocat Reports of activities are available on the Report of Activities website and the schedule of activities for 2021 is available here.

Annual accounts and audit report

PDF icon 2020 Annual Accounts

Draft* of the yearly accounts and audit report for 2020.

*Note: accounts approved on 06/22/2021 and pending final filing with the Foundations Registry.

PDF icon 2019 Annual Accounts
PDF icon 2018 Annual Accounts
PDF icon 2017 Annual Accounts
PDF icon 2016 Annual Accounts

Remuneration for Governing Bodies

The remuneration of the governing bodies is laid out in point 20 of the report on the annual accounts. 


3. Administrative management

Public Administration Contracts

The Board of Trustees is the body responsible for contracts at Biocat. 
Over the past five years, there have been no contracts with the Public Administration.  

Public Administration Agreements

There are no agreements with the Public Administration in place currently.

Ajuts i subvencions

See the breakdown of the grants and subsidies received over the past five years.