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In 2022, Biocat played a key role in prioritizing and promoting strategic countrywide initiatives to improve Catalonia’s positioning in areas like research, innovation and the health of the future. Highlights include the Government of Catalonia naming Biocat the coordinator for two strategic countrywide projects in the health sector for the years to come: the Advanced Therapies Hub and the Subcommittee on Innovation Adoption in Healthcare.

Moreover, Biocat has led local and international activities to reaffirm the leadership of the organization and the BioRegion in research, innovation and health. Several collaborations and actions have been carried out to reinforce the international positioning and influence of the BioRegion beyond its borders. Biocat has been chosen as the lead or collaborating coordinator for several European projects and has taken part in international fairs to boost visibility and networking opportunities for Catalan companies.

Biocat also hosted an institutional/business visit to Catalonia for British pharmaceutical corporation AstraZeneca, which announced a few months later that the company will be setting up a great R&D hub for new therapies in Barcelona.

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