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Medical products regulatory

This talk will provide information about the regulation of medical devices and digital health solutions, specifically in comparison to the pharmaceutical process.

DATE(S): 13/06/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
LECTURER: Dominique Monferrer
PRICE: € 50

Healthcare Robotics

This session will provide an overview of the type of robots and potential applications in this domain with a particular emphasis on the challenge of socially acceptable assistive robots.

DATE(S): 26/06/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
LECTURER: Daniel Serrano
PRICE: € 50

Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in medicine

This session,will showcase the expansive potential of AI, exploring its diverse applications and their profound impact on the future of healthcare. While highlighting case studies and success stories, and also delve into the existing limitations and ethical considerations.

DATE(S): 27/06/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
LECTURER: Carolina Migliorelli
PRICE: € 50

Innovative design and implementation of medical devices

This session provides a comprehensive overview of the key principles and methodologies involved in developing cutting-edge medical technologies. Participants will explore the entire product development lifecycle, from ideation to commercialization, with a focus on creativity, user-centered design, and regulatory considerations.

DATE(S): 16/07/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
LECTURER: Irene Ràfols
PRICE: € 50

Digital Health for a Value-Based Personalized Integrated Care

This session serves as a foundational exploration for understanding the paradigm shift underway in the healthcare and social services landscape with insights into the convergence of technology and healthcare, paving the way for a more patient-centric, efficient, and integrated approach to healthcare delivery.

DATE(S): 17/07/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
LECTURER: Felip Miralles
PRICE: € 50

Sensors, wereables, labs-on-chip (LAOs), points-of-care (POCs)

This session dives deep into the world of miniaturized medical technologies, exploring sensors, wearables, labs-on-chip (LOCs), and point-of-care (POCs) devices.

DATE(S): 23/07/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
PRICE: € 50

Materials and 3D printing and bioprinting in medicine

This session provides a comprehensive overview of the key materials and 3D Printing Processes used in medicine in the last decade. Participant could learn about the most suitable process and their associated materials for some medicine cases.

DATE(S): 24/07/2024 (17h – 18:30h)
LECTURER: Antonio Jesús Guerra
PRICE: € 50

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We offer a 50% discount (for any category, but not accumulative) to students who are in their final academic year at university, or who are studying a Masters degree related to the following fields: business, engineering, life sciences or design. If interested, please send an e-mail to oherrera@biocat.cat, with the subject "Short Programs Discount", providing your details and attaching a copy of your university registration. Promotions are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cancellation Policy

To withdraw from a session you must send an e-mail to: oherrera@biocat.cat. If cancellation is received more than one week (7 working days) before the date of the Short Program session, you will be reimbursed for 100% of the registration fee. If cancellation is received during the week prior to the date of the lesson, you will be reimbursed for 50% of the registration fee. If no notice is given, participants will not be reimbursed even if they do not attend the session.

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