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Means of communicating the sector

We draw attention and boost the visibility of the ecosystem

On a daily basis, Biocat provides updated information on advances in the life sciences and healthcare sector in Catalonia through its own communication channels and national and international media. 

Each year, we publish nearly 80 news articles, interviews and reports on the Biocat website, with original content like the Startup Generation series, which has nearly a hundred interviews with entrepreneurs. The interviews, articles and reports in the News section are the most popular content, along with the Job listings

Our electronic communications —newsletters, daily press clippings, calls, etc.— reach a community of 12,600 people, with an average open rate of 22%. 

Biocat shares news of its activities and the sector on social media, with almost 50,000 followers.

Biocat initiatives are also frequently written up in the media. In 2022, there were roughly 50 impacts in the written press (+40% from 2021) and 322 impacts in online press (+70%).

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Communication impact in figures


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media impacts of Biocat initiatives and activities in 2022

Startup Generation

Raising awareness of talent in the BioRegion

Since 2015, we have been interviewing entrepreneurs to share what drove them to set up their company, what they’ve learned along the way and what tips they have for people starting out in this world. 

 Alicia Martínez-Piñeiro de Time is Brain
Alicia Martínez-Piñeiro is the co-founder of Time is Brain. This startup has developed a device to help healthcare professionals monitor and choose the best treatment for stroke patients.
Source of knowledge on the sector

The BioRegion Report, a benchmark in Europe

Biocat has consolidated its role as a benchmark source of information and indicators of the ecosystem’s growth. And handles numerous requests each year for information from other entities and the media. The BioRegion Report, first published in 2009, has become a benchmark publication among the reports published by international ecosystems. It includes analyses, mapping and international comparisons that demonstrate the BioRegion’s position as one of the main health innovation hubs in Europe.

The Catalonia Health and Life Sciences Data Platform directory is an essential tool for discovering all the companies and organizations in the BioRegion and provides strategic information on them and their activities.

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Encouraging debate

Panel discussions to share knowledge

The presentation of the 2022 BioRegion of Catalonia Report featured several panel discussions analyzing the assets, achievements and trends in the life sciences and healthcare sector in Catalonia set in an international framework.

Taula rodona sobre reptes sectorials i altres insights empresarials
The event to present the 2022 BioRegion Report took place on February 23, 2023 at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona.
International connections and partnerships

Networks to valorize the BioRegion

To position Catalonia as a benchmark European cluster in the life sciences and health innovation, Biocat has built an extensive network of partners and strategic collaborations, especially in Europe. Since it was established, Biocat has been part of a dozen networks with various aims, and is currently an active member of CEBR, EIT Health and collaborates with EATRIS, EEN and lECA, among other networks and partnerships.

  • The Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) is a network of regional clusters and ecosystems in the life sciences and healthcare with over 40 members around Europe, and Biocat sits on the association’s board.  
  • The European Cluster Alliance (ECA) is a platform that brings together clusters from across Europe to promote collaboration, innovation, and growth. Through CEBR, Biocat is a member of ECA and currently serves on the board of directors of this network.
  • Biocat is a part of the Joint Industrial Cooperation Forum, a subgroup of the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA).
  • It is a member of the local node of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) through ACCIÓ and plays the role of a support agent for ACCIÓ's internationalization efforts.
  • EIT Health is the knowledge and innovation community (KIC) in health of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which has one of its nodes in Barcelona (the others are in Paris, London, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Heidelberg). The KIC has 50 main partners and 90 associates from 14 EU countries that are committed to innovation in health.
Map of partnerships and collaborations

More than 120 partners in 26 countries in Europe

Sector activities and initiatives

We drive and support the activities of stakeholders in the BioRegion

We promote and raise awareness of the assets, advances and activities of stakeholders in the BioRegion among the innovation community, as well as Biocat programs seeking to strengthen and scale up the ecosystem.

BHIW 2024 Captura
In February 2024, Biocat will organise for the second time the BCN Health Innovation Week, a week full of activities about health innovation.
Attracting and participating in international fairs

We put Barcelona on the map of international events

Biocat works to attract big international events to Barcelona, acting as their local partner and facilitating the organization of conferences, fairs and congresses. It also helps professionals, startups and companies in the BioRegion take part in these events with preferential conditions. Plus, it works with many international events to project Catalonia abroad and drive business opportunities.


The startup event at the main global fair for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress (MWC). It provides support for investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.


One of the top congresses in Europe, it brings together more than 1,500 professionals from 30 countries, 850 innovative organizations, 200 exhibitors and more than 50 investors in health, sustainable agrifood and climate change solutions.

BIO International Convention

Since 2007, Biocat has coordinated the Catalan delegation of companies and institutions taking part in BIO, the main fair for the global biotechnology sector.

BIO-Europe Spring (BES)

The most important partnering congress in Europe for biotech and pharma, giving companies the opportunity to find top-notch partners.

RESI Europe

International partnering conference that aims to connect early-stage startups with investors to establish strategic alliances. It is also aimed at service providers and technology hubs.

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