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4YFN, part of Mobile World Congress Barcelona, will return from February 26–29, 2024, to showcase the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Barcelona and Catalonia to the world. During the four days of the congress, the most cutting-edge startups in strategic areas such as connectivity, digital health, fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. will be unveiled. 

There will also be conferences, debates, panels with opinion leaders and startups, and networking activities. Therefore, it is a must-attend event to connect with investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the congress will feature an exhibition area and a dedicated programme on digital health, with leading voices and innovative companies in the healthcare sector discussing the challenges and how to harness the great potential of this sub-sector to improve healthcare, diagnostics and treatments.

Digital Health Programme
During all congress days

Catalonia Health Innovation Ecosystem Pavilion

Biocat, together with TIC Salut Social, and in collaboration with ACCIÓ, Generalitat de Catalunya, the Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS), the Ajuntament de Barcelona, the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS), the Unió Catalana d’Hospitals, the Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya (CSC), the Associació Catalana d’Enitats de Salut (ACES), Associació Catalana de Recursos Assistencials (ACRA) and the Taula d'entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya (M4Social) will lead the Catalonia Health Innovation Ecosystem Pavilion.

The pavilion, located in Hall 8, will host 12 Catalan startups in the life sciences sector, showcasing their innovative solutions and services. Discover the companies that accompany us:

Visit the startups at the pavilion

February 26 & 27

February 28 & 29

Don't miss out on the activities of the collaborating entities

Activities Programme

Biocat and its collaborating organisations have organised a programme full of activities throughout the congress, addressing key issues for the sector, such as the adoption of innovation in digital health and personalised medicine, artificial intelligence in healthcare, virtual assistance in primary care, among many others. 

Download the full programme of activities

Featured activities

Monday 26 - 10:00 h | Pavilion Startup Pitch A – New technologies applied to healthcare

Startup companies with a stand on the Pavilion during the first two conference days will pitch their projects in 5 minutes with a final open Q&A round: Abzu Barcelona, Biel Glasses, Nanodecal, Time is Brain, Trialing and Zoundream.
Organized by: Biocat

Tuesday 27 - 10:00 h | BioRegion Startups Pitch

BioRegion Startup companies participating in the conference will have the opportunity to pitch their project in 5 minutes with a final open Q&A round.

Organized by: Biocat

Martes 27 - 13:00 h Earth Stage | Personalized Medicine: Technological Platforms & Solutions

The session aims to showcase three examples of platforms serving precision and personalized medicine in Catalonia: radiomics, rare diseases, and pharmacogenomics, and how they can improve the care of patients and their families through technology (genomics, imaging, AI, etc.) and collaboration across Europe.

Organized by: Biocat and Fundació TIC Salut Social (FTTS)

Wednesday 28 10:00 h | Creating the environment for technology adoption: FAQS

Finding out the answers and the open questions to current FAQS on digital health and personalized medicine adoption from the dialogue between different stakeholders on the value chain: a technology supplier, a technology evaluator, and a healthcare provider.

Organized by: Biocat

Wednesday 28 12:00 h | Pavilion Startup Pitch B – New technologies applied to healthcare

Startup companies with a stand on the Pavilion during the last two conference days get an opportunity to pitch their projects in 5 minutes with a final open Q&A round: Biosfer Teslab, Bsure Medical, Flomics Biotech, Mefood Omics, Methinks Software and YASYT.

Organized by: Biocat

Thursday 29 10:30 h Sky Stage | Home Health&Social Care: AI for integration

Explore the transformative potential of data-intensive technologies like big data, algorithms, predictive models, and robotics in enhancing public and private services, fostering a new technology-driven industry. This session will showcase examples from Catalonia, offering insights into both opportunities and risks. Gain a university perspective on emerging trends in harnessing these technologies for innovation and growth.

Organized by: Biocat and Fundació TIC Salut Social (FTTS)

Estand Oniria Therapeutics al 4yfn 2023
Meritxell Teixidó d'Anais Medical
Pla general estands BioRegió 4yfn 2023

Why attend 4YFN24?

  1. Access to customers and business partners: 4YFN attracts leading technology multinationals; from verticals such as telecommunications, automotive, banking and healthcare. These companies seek out startups for high-impact collaborations.
  2. Access to new opportunities: 4YFN brings a wide international network of investors together with leading companies to evaluate future business opportunities.
  3. Networking: business events within the framework of 4YFN and MWC
  4. Cutting-edge program: focused on current and future challenges of transformation and innovation with a special focus on emerging technologies and their transformative impact on key industry sectors

4YFN 2023 in numbers


startups and exhibitors


investors and VCs from 39 different countries


startups at the BioRegion of Catalonia exhibition space

The Catalonia Health Innovation Ecosystem Pavilion has been sponsored by:

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