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Countdown to the world’s biggest startups event! This year, 4YFN is kicking off its tenth year with big news for the health sector. On the one hand, the official program will include an entire agenda on digital health on February 26, 27 28 and 29, and on the other hand, the exhibitors' space will also have a dedicated digital health area in Hall 8.0, as an annex of the Mobile World Congress 2024. 

This exhibition space will, for the first time, provide the different stakeholders that make up the health innovation ecosystem in Catalonia with a joint pavilion. Biocat, together with TIC Salut Social, and in collaboration with ACCIÓ, Generalitat de Catalunya, the Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS), the Ajuntament de Barcelona, the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS), the Unió Catalana d’Hospitals, the Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya (CSC), the Associació Catalana d’Entitats de Salut (ACES), Associació Catalana de Recursos Assistencials (ACRA) and the Taula d'entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya (M4Social) will lead the Catalonia Health Innovation Ecosystem Pavilion. The pavilion will have 12 startups from the life sciences presenting their innovative services and solutions.

And here they are:

  • Abzu Barcelona: Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for Pharma and Biotech, accelerating drug discovery and development through efficient data analysis, enhancing innovation in RNA therapeutics and personalized medicine.
  • Biel Glasses: Smart glasses for people with low vision (LV) that use Spatial Computing (Robotics, AI, and Mixed Reality) to improve their perception of obstacles and other mobility risks, increasing their personal autonomy. 
  • Biosfer Teslab: Advanced solutions in metabolomics by NMR for clinical diagnosis, scientific research, and personalized well-being. Liposcale test for the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Bsure Medical: Solutions to guarantee safe and knowledgeable use of implants for clinicians and implant users. The first two products are 2 DNA tests to determine the risk of complications with fillers and breast implants.
  • Flomics Biotech: Multi-purpose liquid biopsy, capable of detecting cancer even before the first symptoms appear. The test combines genomics with machine learning, everything out of a blood sample. 
  • Mefood Omics: Personalised nutrition company that combines omics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data to deliver tailored solutions that improve individual health and well-being.
  • Methinks Software: A program to help predict strokes, providing decision support for life-saving treatment and reducing time to treatment.
  • Nanodecal: A rapid diagnostic test for detecting a respiratory superbug to prevent chronic infection.
  • Time is Brain: Stroke electrocardiogram that enables real-time identification and assessment of stroke patients, ultimately leading to faster treatment decisions and improved patient outcomes. 
  • Trialing Health: Comprehensive digital health platform that assists physicians in efficiently finding the most suitable clinical trials for their patients, wherever they are.
  • YASYT: Assistive solutions using social robots, smart devices and IoT. It also offers a services line dedicated to AI, web 3.0, and organizational transformation in the health and social sector.
  • Zoundream: Personalized system to identify and translate baby cries to detect pathologies and abnormal behavior.

These companies were the finalists of an open public call for more than thirty startups from the BioRegion of Catalonia. 

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