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Biocat is launching three new training sessions for students, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs on the Life Sciences Industry, Product Development and Market Access. These three training programs are part of the d·Health Barcelona Part Time curriculum and will be held between May and November of this year.

Each Short Program lasts a maximum of ten and a half hours divided into five or seven sessions, and participants can sign up for the full program or individual sessions. Students get 50% off. The sessions will feature academics and professionals from some of the top institutions in the world, governments and industries.

Short Program 1. The Life Sciences:Unveiling the future of health

This training program focuses on the future of health in the life sciences and healthcare, looking at the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and digital health subsectors. It will provide a general overview of how these industries are organized, their key stakeholders and main trends, challenges and opportunities. The course starts on May 7 and has seven sessions, each costs €50. Participants can also choose to purchase the full package for €250.

Short Program 2. Product Development

This program, which starts on June 13, covers various areas related to product development, focusing specially on medical devices and digital health. The sessions cover topics like the regulatory process, robotics applied to healthcare, data analysis and artificial intelligence in medicine, innovative design of medical devices, personalized digital health and the use of miniaturized technologies like sensors and 3D printing in medicine.

Each session will be taught by experts in the field and provide a full overview of the topic, as well as case studies and future trends. Participants can also choose to purchase the full package of sessions for €300 or choose individual sessions at €50 each.

Short Program 3. Market Access

This series of conferences will provide knowledge on how to put a new product on the market, in Europe and North America. The sessions will look at developing a business model, reimbursement strategies and market access.

The sessions start on July 4 and, like the other courses, can be purchased individually for €50 each or €200 for all five.

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