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The Invest BioRegion Portal facilitates connections between academic projects and startups/spin-offs from across Catalonia that are seeking investment, licensing, or co-development agreements with national or international investment firms or corporations.

This platform is designed to boost business development activities within the ecosystem, showcase the most relevant investable projects and startups from the BioRegion portfolio, drive technology transfer, and enhance the visibility of capabilities within Catalan universities, research centers, technology centers, and hospitals.

Who is it for?

  • If you are an investment fund or corporation: the portal offers exclusive access to a catalog of the best startups, spin-offs, and research projects in healthcare from leading universities, research centers, and hospitals in Catalonia.
  • If you are a startup, spin-off, or technology transfer office (TTO) : the portal will provide visibility and the opportunity to connect with a wide range of investors and scouts seeking innovative projects in the healthcare field.

Why register?

Record curation by experts

The Biocat team approves registrations and ensures that connections are of the highest quality.

Easy and effective search

The opportunities are categorized by type, clinical indication, and development stage. This ensures that you will receive the most relevant options.


Enjoy all these benefits free of charge.

Interact quickly

Initiate conversations with users and propose meetings within the same platform.

For investors and corporates

Are you looking for the best investable projects and startups?

The portal already features over 130 well-defined and documented companies and projects actively seeking investment or licensing. Find the business opportunities that best match your interests, send messages to the technology owners, and schedule meetings with them directly through the platform.

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