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Start-up generation

Pol Solà-Santos

Co-fundador de

He has a Master in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Barcelona and has been a bioinformatics analyst at CREB UPC for more than six years. In 2020, he decided to found with Alexandre Perera-Lluna.

"95% of all your fears are false"

20.04.2023 is a digital health spinoff of the Centre de Recerca en Enginyeria Biomèdica de la UPC (CREB UPC) that has developed an auditing platform based on algorithms that help certify the quality of healthcare products that use artificial intelligence. This platform aims to quantify any potential risks and guarantee systems using artificial intelligence are solid and reliable.

Pol Solà-Santos, co-founder of, took part in the fourth edition of the Biocat acceleration program CRAASH Barcelona in 2021 and in the ”Fundación la Caixa" Caixa Impulse Validate program.

In this interview, he explains how he got started and why he decided to become an entrepreneur, the importance of a good team that is fully dedicated to the project, and the most important decisions he has made.