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Biocat and the international consultancy firm Alira Health are promoting the second annual Startup Support Program 2024, focused on helping advanced and emerging therapies companies in the BioRegion of Catalonia reach the market.

Eleven companies and projects applied and three have been chosen to take part in this program that offers mentoring from an experienced team of consultants that will assess the companies and design a roadmap for market access, mainly in France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.

  • Nema Health: biotechnology company developing new immunotherapies to treat cancer that naturally activate the immune system to destroy tumor cells.


  • NoctuRNA Therapeutics: spinoff of the Pompeu Fabra University that has built a patented RNA drug platform to tackle some of the most untreatable diseases in the world.


  • Telomere Therapeutics: gene therapy company that is developing disease modifying treatments for organ fibrosis and other syndromes that don’t currently have curative treatments.

The training will include 40 hours of mentoring over four weeks, using the maturity assessment methodology and the gap prioritization methodology to see how far along the startup is and identify its weaknesses.


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