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Here comes your lead. Collaborative and risk-sharing models for drug discovery

Biocat is looking for early-stage research projects in the BioRegion of Catalonia working to develop therapeutics in order to accelerate their drug-discovery process.

Biocat is connecting these projects with national and international platforms, CROs and big pharma (the partners) to establish a research collaboration model with shared risk and profit. This way, Biocat is helping boost the flow of therapeutic molecules in advanced phases in the BioRegion of Catalonia.

Here comes your lead. Collaborative and risk-sharing models for drug discovery

Who can participate in ‘Here comes your lead’?

Biocat is looking for projects of excellence in the early-stages of drug discovery in therapeutics (e.g. new targets or new hits identified), and that are interested in bringing these therapeutics into the following stages: target validation, hit to lead or lead optimization.

How does ‘Here comes your lead’ work?

Biocat compiles the projects, with non-confidential information, and facilitates direct contact with the partners (national and international platforms, CROs and big pharma), which will review the proposals and choose the ones that best fit their needs and interests to schedule a private meeting. The projects can also choose their partner in this journey. So, both sides choose the ones they most want to meet.

This year, the partners include:

  • Evotec (EU)
  • LifeArc (UK)
  • FuturX (Israel)
  • Inkemia IUCT (Mollet)
  • CRG (Barcelona)

With the collaboration of:

  • Eva Mendez Drug Discovery
  • M.Miralpeix Pharma Consulting


More than one project may be submitted per institution or principal investigator.

The process

‘Here comes your lead’ consists of the following steps:

drug discovery workshop

Upcoming edition:

Here comes your lead 2019

April 26, 2019  | Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) - Marie Curie Room

In the morning, the partners will present their collaboration models and capacities. This will be an open session for anyone interested in attending (sign up before).

In the afternoon, there will be pre-scheduled meetings, with a space for improvised happy meetings.

Follow this link for the preliminary agenda and more information on this edition.  

Sign up

The registration for the first edition of Here comes your lead is CLOSE

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