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Barcelona Healthcare Investment Forum

The Barcelona Healthcare Forum, organized jointly by Biocat, the Barcelona Medical Association, Barcelona Activa-Barcelona City Council and ESADE-BAN,  was once again a meeting point for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and venture capital managers specializing in health in Catalonia. 

At the 31st edition, which took place in October, 7 Catalan startups and spinoffs -Amalfi, Anais Medical, Dryox Health, Nimble Diagnostics, Point Pressure, Tailor Surgery and Pharmacelera- and Nanodecal were chosen to present their projects.

Portada 31è Fòrum d'Inversió Healthcare Barcelona

Tech Spirit Barcelona

In late November, at Tech Spirit Barcelona, the benchmark event for the entrepreneurial and technology community in Barcelona, Biocat organized a session titled “Hidden tips for success in healthcare” featuring a selection of CEOs from startups that are helping scale up the life sciences and healthcare ecosystem in Barcelona, who shared their visions and perspectives on business milestones, the success/failure binomial, key career moments, business strategies and goals, and interesting confessions that marked their respective personal experiences, among others. 

Imatge Tech SpiritSpeakers in the “Hidden tips for success in healthcare” session organized by Biocat

Fast track program to Barcelona-Catalonia life science hub

Before the year came to a close, the first “Fast track program to Barcelona-Catalonia life science hub” program was held by the London office of Catalonia Trade & Investment with support and participation from Biocat. 

This program supports companies from the life sciences and healthcare sector interested in setting up in Catalonia. A total of ten companies from the sector established in the United Kingdom and Ireland presented their projects to a panel of experts to identify expansion and collaboration opportunities in the BioRegion.

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