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2022 was a key year for prioritizing and driving strategic countrywide initiatives to help improve Catalonia’s positioning in research, innovation and the health of the future. The Government of Catalonia chose Biocat to coordinate two strategic projects for the sector: the Advanced Therapies Hub, which aims to make the BioRegion a European benchmark in clinical development of advanced therapies (cell, gene and tissue); and the Subcommittee on Innovation Adoption in Healthcare, which will lay out a fast track for bringing new technologies, therapies and processes into the healthcare system, to healthcare centers and patients. 

Another important announcement was that Barcelona has been chosen to host BIOSPAIN 2023, one of the biggest international events in southern Europe, which will be held September 26 to 28, 2023 in Barcelona, through a collaboration coordinated by Biocat, the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council.

BioRegion’s international positioning and influence

The organization was named coordinator of the BRIGHT and INNAXE European projects, and is participating in the BioMan4R2 project, among others, aiming to strengthen and boost efficiency and innovation capacities of sector clusters in Europe. It is also worth noting the important international events held in the Catalan capital this year, including 4YFN, which over 60 health startups from the BioRegion took part in; the Summit for Clinical Trials Operations Executives Europe (SCOPE Europe), where Biocat took part in a panel discussion on the challenges of digitalizing clinical trials and the lessons learned from COVID-19; and the publication and presentation of the well-established 2021 BioRegion of Catalonia Report, with record investment of €238 million.

As in previous years, Biocat has continued working hard on several innovation training programs, training professionals and entrepreneurs, accelerating projects, fostering access to capital and investors, as well as sharing sector knowledge. This report looks back at a selection of the initiatives and projects that received the most resources and had the greatest impact.

2022, an historic moment for the BioRegion

Highlights of the year's most important issues

The data and activities presented in this report are a summary of all the activities carried out during the period from January - December 2022.  For more exhaustive information, please consult the News section of this website and filter by type of content and date.

2021 BioRegion of Catalonia Report

The 2021 BioRegion of Catalonia Report was presented in January 2022, sharing the most significant data on the Catalan ecosystem.

CRAASH Barcelona

CRAASH Barcelona is the acceleration program by Biocat that helps take innovations to market.

d·HEALTH Barcelona Part Time

d·HEALTH Barcelona Part Time

First meeting of Technology Transfer Offices

The first meeting of technology transfer offices in the BioRegion was held in March 2022.

Support for internationalization

In 2022, there were several activities to position Biocat and the BioRegion internationally.

New BioRegion of Catalonia Directory

In 2022, Biocat launched the new BioRegion of Catalonia directory with a fresh look and technical updates.


BIOSPAIN is one of the biggest international biotechnology events in southern Europe.

Open Innovation Forum

The fifth edition of the Open Innovation Forum was held in 2022, with 15 companies and 40 problem solvers.

Advanced Therapies Hub

In November 2022, Biocat was chosen to coordinate the Advanced Therapies Hub of Catalonia.

Projecting the BioRegion

Check out the impact Biocat activities and programs have had in the various communication channels.

Other activities 2022

In 2022, Biocat took part in essential events for the BioRegion ecosystem.

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